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New Study: California Kids Not Prepared For 8th Grade Math



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    Finally, the parents and children of New York City are learning the truth. The people at the head of the state educational system are admitting what we have long suspected: that previous numbers on math and reading tests were phony.

    A new study shows about a quarter of California 7th graders are not meeting the state's standards when it comes to math. What's worse, about 30 percent of them are being advanced into Algebra I even though they are unprepared.

    Mountain View's EdSource looked statewide test scores of about 70,000 8th graders, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The study found a majority of those students scored below basic level when they took a state test for Algebra I.

    EdSource is not recommending that California schools back off from advancing students, but rather work on creating a solid math foundation in earlier grades.

    One school district says it looks at several factors, including grades, class participation and performance on a readiness test to determine if a student is prepared to take Algebra I.