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The impact of California's drought on San Diego County

New Map Shows Growing Drought Problem



    New Map Shows Growing Drought Problem
    San Diego Coastkeeper

    A newly released animated map shows the growing severity of California’s drought as compared to our limited water supply.

    The animated map, provided by San Diego Coastkeeper, shows the increasingly bad drought conditions over the past year, month by month.

    The worst drought conditions appear to begin in central California, just north of Los Angeles before spreading to much of the state. The area labeled “exceptional drought” stops just north of San Diego. Still, our county was labeled as “extreme drought” for much of this year.

    The map also shows the drought’s impact on water supply by overlying the outlines of the Colorado River Basin and Sacramento River Basin, combined with the San Joaquin River Basin, which flows into the Bay Delta.

    “We must develop a plan that focuses on water recycling and conservation so we can stay hydrated for the days, months and years to come and reduce climate change impacts associated with our water supply choices,” the Coastkeeper blog says.