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New Laws for New Year

Governor Brown signs 760 new laws for Californians



    New Laws for New Year
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    As the Ball drop rings in the New Year, so does a new set of rules that Californians will have to follow -- 760 to be exact.

    The rules affect everyone from the consumer to the parent.

    Some include:

    • Children who start kindergarten must be at least 5 years old and California is the first state to implement teaching gay rights in schools.
    •     Car buyers will pay $25 more for documentation fees and car dealers must post a red warning for vehicles that have been totaled or returned under the lemon law.
    • Tattoo parlors will also have to abide by a new set of health standards in July. For Phil Hatchet Yo, a Tattooer at Master Tattoo in San Diego, this is something they already strive to do.
          " We go above and beyond a lot of hospitals as far as procedure," he said."

      But this doesn't mean its the same for all tattoo shops.

      "I think there are still tattooers that started up because they thought it was the cool thing to do without taking the time to educate themselves and respect their clients," said Yo.
      The new law will also require that practitioners be vaccinated against Hepatitis B.
      "Personally if you take the proper procedures, there should be no contact to even expose the client to Hepatitis because of all procedures you are taking."

    • Minors that enjoy getting a fake tan will no longer be able to do so. Before, the law allowed anyone under 18 to get a tan with a parent signature. Next year, people must be 18 to tan with or without a parent's signature. The tanning salons we talked to said there aren't many under-aged tanners but it still could affect them.

      "With different occasions like prom or vacations, it could affect us but not too drastic,"
      Samantha Hodgkins from Paradise Tan said.

      Brown vetoed a bill that wouldn't require mammogram providers to tell women if they have dense breast tissue which mimics cancer. He also allowed police to search a suspect's electronic devices without a warrant. 

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