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Neighbors Disgusted By Woman’s Triple Beating



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    A brutal attack by three young men on a 63-year-old Oceanside woman is generating outrage and disgust far beyond the city limits.

    The attack happened in on South Tremont Street in the early evening of Sunday, Nov.

    The bruises are still visible and psychic trauma is quite noticeable on the victim, a retired sheet metal worker.

    The victim says the trio had been breaking bottles and carousing outside her house, about a block away from a bar whose patrons have caused trouble returning to their cars.

    When she asked them to stop the rowdiness, one kicked in her gate, punched her in the face, and led the other two into dragging her out to the curb kicking, beating, and threatening to shoot her.

    "We saw them grab her and he just threw her on the sidewalk,” a neighbor said, who did not want to be named. “It looked like he was punching or kicking her and at that point.

    The neighbor said her husband and another neighbor ran across the street to help the cop tackle him because the cop couldn't take him on his own.

    "It was fortunate that when neighbors saw what was happening, they stepped forward to assist and slow down the attack until officers arrived to take over," Oceanside Police Sgt. Kelan Poorman

    The neighbor said the suspects were screaming obscenities at the cops.

    “I mean out of control -- trying to kick in the windows of the cop car," she said. "One of the suspects had to be hogtied, because of the amount of resistance he was putting toward the officers."

    Oceanside residents are recoiling at news of the attack.

    "Beyond outrageous. You just can't believe it happened. I'd like to know every fact that there was, but it doesn't make sense how three young guys would be beating up on an older lady," Beach Break Cafe Owner Gary Dwelley said.

    Richard Vaughan, 24, Brandin Evinger, 23 and Tyler Mackin, 23, the son of former Oceanside City Councilwoman Shari Mackin, pleaded not guilty to numerous felony charges.

    A readiness-for-prelim hearing is set Friday in Vista Superior Court.