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Neighbor Arrested for Alleged Christmas Murder



    Neighbor Arrested for Alleged Christmas Murder
    Tom Zizzi

    Police have booked a man on murder charges for the alleged shooting death of his neighbor in Oceanside on Christmas Day.

    Elaine Weideauer has lived in the 3900 block of Brown Street for 30 years. She had arrived home from midnight mass on Dec. 25, when she says the trouble started.

    “The family across the street, Jimmy’s family, were having a large party, it spilled out and then the police came and I guess asked them to quiet down,” Weideauer said.

    A little later, around 2.15 a.m., she says there was another disturbance at Robert Pulley’s house next door.

    “There were police everywhere and a fire truck and something had occurred next door at the Pulley’s home and whatever it was, it took a while but was resolved,” Weideauer said.

    Just before 3 a.m., she says another altercation started in the driveway of her neighbor’s home.

    “I started for the front door because I heard women screaming and then I heard three gunshots, so I slammed the front door,” Weideauer said.

    She called 911 and later ventured outside. She saw Jimmy Misaalefua lying in front of her neighbor’s home.

    “By that time of course everybody is out gathering and we could see that Jimmy’s hand was moving and his foot was moving,” Weideauer said.

    Misaalefua, 44, was transported to Tri-City Medical Center.

    “We found out later that Jimmy had died,” Weideauer said.

    The victim's neighbor, Pulley, 47, was arrested for the shooting, police said.

    “Just to have a loved one die on Christmas is just devastating, I would imagine, for the rest of your life,” Weideauer said.