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Man Thought Schwarzenegger Love Child Was His Son



    Man Thought Schwarzenegger Love Child Was His Son
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    Rogelio Baena was stunned to find out the kid he thought was his was really Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child.

    The estranged husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress said he was shocked and "angry" to hear the son he thought was his was fathered by the former California governor.

    Rogelio Baena told Entertainment Tonight he always believed he had fathered the young boy and learned the shocking news of the Schwarzenegger's secret 13-year-old love child with the rest of the nation.

    "Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for me… was my hero," Baena said in response to the scandalous news that the bodybuilding actor-turned-politician had cheated on his wife of over two decades, Maria Shriver, with a housekeeper, Baena's ex-wife Mildred.

    "Now I feel betrayed," he said.

    Speaking in Spanish and broken English, Baena said he was "very, very angry" and still thinks of himself as the boy's father.

    "No believe," Baena said. "That's my son, I don't know what happened."

    Rogelia and Maria Baena split two months after the birth of who would have been their second child. The Colombian said he hasn't spoken to the boy recently, but he doesn't think he has watched T.V. or heard of the news.

    Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced their split on May 9 and the former NBC News correspondant has hired a divorce lawyer, People reported.

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