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Museum Hopes Space Shuttle Lands in San Diego

San Diego Air & Space Museum pursuing enormous spacecraft



    Museum Hopes Space Shuttle Lands in San Diego

    Even if the Air & Space Museum gets its wish to be a permanent home for one of the retired space shuttles, there could be few problems.

    The San Diego Air & Space Museum is one of 21 such organizations around the nation hoping to give a home to one of the newly retired space shuttles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The out-of-this-world prize would offer the area an "inspirational, educational and long-term economic benefit," James Kidrick, president and chief executive officer of the Air & Space Museum, told the

    The Atlantic and Endeavor are both looking for homes, while the Discovery is slated for the Smithsonian in Washington.

    There are issues for any museum that wins the bidding process, the paper reported: Whoever the lucky winner is will get a nearly $29 million bill to prepare the shuttle for its new home and get it to where it's going, the paper reported.

    Another problem looms for the San Diego Air & Space Museum: Where would its final landing spot be? The shuttle's vast size would likely prevent it from finding a home in Balboa Park. Instead, Kidrick told the, the shuttle would be housed at a different site, possibly at the museum annex at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, where the museum restores aircraft.