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Molly and Her Owlets Are Back

The Owl Box is back up and running



    Molly and Her Owlets Are Back

    A female owl named Molly and her mate McGee have returned to their birdhouse to raise a new family, the North County Times is reporting.

    The pair of owls and their four owlets drew more than one million online viewers this past spring, the paper reports. The duo will now star in a second season of their reality show. Molly laid four new eggs inside her birdhouse; the paper says the eggs are expected to hatch on or around Aug 8.

    Last spring, thousands of people around the world tuned in to watch Molly and her five eggs in The Owl Box live stream from the barn of San Marcos residents Carlos and Donna Royal.

    In June, the Royals decided to turn the camera off after Molly, McGee, and her owlets flew away, but the paper says the adult owls returned 10 days later.

    Viewers were enamored with Molly watching her 24/7 as she sat on her nest, getting up every 15 minutes to roll each egg and shift her position to make sure they stayed equally warm.

    Thousands also followed Molly on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and "her" online blog.  Some even started discussing M.O.D. or "Molly Obsessive Disorder" -- apparently a self-diagnosis for those who were spending too much time watching the owl family.

    According to our media partner the North County Times, the live stream attracted 8.4 million computer users over the span of four months.