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More Men Doing Family Shopping Now: Study

Local marketing experts explain why



    More Men Doing Family Shopping Now: Study
    Yamini Chao
    Super market trolley, close-up

    There is something new in the aisles of your favorite grocery store: men.

    According to Schnucks researchers, more men are doing the family grocery shopping.

    There are different reasons for this -- including the economy -- which has more men are taking on household duties.

    Also, more men apparently like to shop. But do they shop differently than women? Local experts say men and women take a different approach to shopping.

    "Men tend to be much more goal-driven," said UC Riverside Marketing Professor David Stewart. "Actually, they like having a list because it tells them exactly what they need to do so they can get out."

    Stewart said as more men do the grocery shopping, stores will start doing more to cater and target them.

    Shoppers might find more male-driven products in prominent positions in the store, such as sports drinks.

    Men also seem to be attracted to cross merchandising: placing chips and beer next to each other at the end of the aisle, or bar-b-q sauce next to the ribs.

    It generates more sales, and helps men shop faster.

    This is often the only distinction between men and women as they shop, said Ray Kau or Whole Foods Market.

    "We don't see a tremendous difference but I do think I find that men sometimes are a little bit more in a hurry to get in and out," Kau said.

    These are of course generalities, but as more men are cooking, staying home to care for the kids and taking on the grocery shopping jobs for the household, the people making the products and selling them will notice and cater to that growing customer base.