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Memorial Ride for Unsolved Murder

Friends looking for leads in couple's murder



    Memorial Ride for Unsolved Murder
    Mourners are hoping the event will draw attention for the murders and convince anyone with any information to come forward.

    Dozens of motorcycles filled the parking at the top of Mount Soledad on Sunday at a memorial for Barry and Carol Sandberg.

    The couple was found murdered in their Bay Park home in early May.  More than six weeks later, there have been no arrests.  Detectives at the event would not say if they have any leads, but friends of the victims are hoping someone will come forward.

    "Yeah, we'd like to get some answers on how this happened and who did this," said J.D. Dolinger, a long time friend of Barry's.

    One possible lead would be finding Sandberg's missing Harley-Davidson.  The black motorcycle with the license plate "HARLEYD" has been missing since the murder.

    Memorial Ride for Unsolved Murder

    [DGO] Memorial Ride for Unsolved Murder
    Dozens of people on motorcycles rode for their friends who were murdered six weeks ago.
    (Published Monday, June 29, 2009)

    Immediately after the murders, investigators said they were looking to see if he had any enemies. Barry had a criminal history, with a conviction for breaking into someone's home last year, according to police. He has also had multiple civil lawsuits brought against him.

    Sunday, friends acknowledged that Sandberg had had some tough times, but they also said he had recently turned his life around.

    "[He] had made great efforts to straighten all that out, and he was actually living clean, and living well," Dolinger said.

    One after another, people got up to speak at the event, describing the couple as loving and great friends.

    After the memorial, dozens of motorcycles drove off.