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McStay Computer Searched Mexico Travel



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    The McStay family has been missing since Feb 4.

    Nearly two months ago the McStay family vanished.

    Soon after they disappeared, homicide detectives with the San Diego sheriff’s department seized computers from the McStay's Fallbrook home, hoping to find some clues as to what happened.
    On Monday, investigators revealed that on Jan. 28, days before they disappeared, someone used the McStay's computer to find information about travel to Mexico and passports for children.
    ”It’s significant because it shows us at least there was some sort of planning perhaps for going into Mexico,” said Lt. Dennis Brugos. “Other than it was out of character for this family to pick up and leave in the middle of home renovation and leaving perishable food out there was nothing that pointed to criminal involvement in this case.”
    Joseph and Summer McStay and their two boys -- Gianni, 4, and Joey, 3 -- have been missing since Feb. 4.

    Earlier this month, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept released surveillance video that may have captured the McStay family entering Mexico.

    The video was recorded at the San Ysidro border crossing Feb. 8, the same day the McStay's white Isuzu Trooper was found illegally parked at a nearby strip mall.

    McStay Computer Searched Mexico Travel

    [DGO] McStay Computer Searched Mexico Travel

    Investigators make an important discovery in the case of the Fallbrook family missing for two months.

    (Published Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017)

    At the bottom left corner of the video, a man can be seen walking hand-in-hand with a child.  Following him is a woman in a white jacket, holding the hand of another child.

    San Diego County sheriff's investigators believe this could be Joseph and Summer McStay with their two kids, crossing the border into Tijuana.

    "There's a very high probability it's them,” said Brugos.

    Grainy Video Raises Hopes for Lost Family

    [DGO] Grainy Video Raises Hopes for Lost Family
    Surveillance video shows four people walking hand in hand into Mexico.
    (Published Monday, March 8, 2010)

    Detectives showed the video to the McStay's relatives. Some recognized the white jacket that the woman is wearing in the video, but other family members aren't sure it's them because of the poor quality of the video.

    "It's very grainy, overshadowed, there's no definition to shape,” said Mike McStay, Joseph's brother.

    Since their disappearance, investigators said, the McStays haven't used their bank accounts, credit cards or cell phones.

    The Whole Family Is Missing

    [DGO] The Whole Family Is Missing
    What happened to the McStays and their two young children?
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010)

    Anyone with information about the case is being urged to call deputies at (858) 974-2321 or (858) 565-5200 after-hours. Tips can also be called in anonymously to CrimeStoppers at 888-580-TIPS(8477). A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered by CrimeStoppers for information leading to an arrest.