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McD's Robbery Was Inside Job: Cops



    McD's Robbery Was Inside Job: Cops

    The McDonald’s worker who said she was tied up and robbed at a Hillcrest McDonald’s Monday was arrested after police noticed one of the suspects caught on the surveillance tape looked like the employee’s own mother.

    Yurico Villanueva told police that two people confronted her while she was unlocking the front door of the McDonald's at 1414 University Avenue.

    She said the pair of robbers forced her to take them to the office and open the safe.

    One of the robbers, a woman, took cash from the safe and put it into a small duffle bag before running out the back door, according to police.

    Robbery investigators soon realized that Villanueva's mother, Rebecca Rebollar-Gomez, resembled suspect one in the video.

    Detective Tim Johnson stopped by the employee’s home with a few follow up questions.

    During a search of the home, a police news release describes evidence found in the home shared with Rebollar-Gomez: a large amount of cash, a duffle bag that matched the one used by the suspects, and clothing that matched the clothing worn by the female suspect.

    "One thing led to another and she went from a victim to a person of interest and now to a suspect in the case," said Det. Gary Hasson.

    Investigators said both Villanueva and Rebollar-Gomez were arrested and booked in Los Colinas Women's Detention Facility for theft and conspiracy charges.

    "I would never dream that any one of them would have done anything like that. No, they are very nice," said McDonald's customer Pat Anderson.

    "I don't care how poor you are. If you need the money or whatever, you do not steal stuff from people," Anderson said.