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Mary Birch Stork Gets a Makeover



    Mary Birch Stork Gets a Makeover

    The large stork that sits perched atop the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital is getting a much needed makeover.

    Two members of the hospital staff are volunteering their time to help patch up and paint the iconic stork, which has sustained a lot of wear and tear over the years.

    Jill Spofford likes to take her breaks on the top level of the hospital's parking structure to watch the sunset and every day she saw how weathered the stork was beginning to look. She decided to paint it.

    "I was up there and I saw that it needed work," Spofford said.

    The stork was last given a little TLC almost 20 years ago by the hospital maintence worker Dwight Rodriguez.

    "I painted it about 20 years ago, it didn't get so much recognition back then" Rodriguez quipped.

    When Rodriguez took the stork down, he found one of its legs had rusted and that it needed to be reshaped.

    Once the work is completed, the stork will receive a new bundle of joy to deliver to Sharp Mary Birch, the baby it currently carries is ready for retirement.

    The stork was donated to Sharp after first appearing in the 1960 Rose Parade. The stork could return to its original perch high above Highway 163 as early as tomorrow.