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Marijuana, Massage Parlors Shut Down in North Park

Mayoral candidate who owned building forced to correct violations of city codes



    Marijuana, Massage Parlors Shut Down in North Park

    A building in North Park that housed four marijuana dispensaries and about 12 adult massage parlors has been forced out of business by a court order.

    The owner, Steven Greenwald, agreed to evict the businesses in the building on the 4000 block of Park Blvd. after a court ordered him to cease their operation, according to Jonathan Heller with the city of San Diego.

    The city forbids marijuana dispensaries, as well as massage parlors in that particular zone. Greenwald signed a settlement with the city, and agreed to pay $10,000 in civil penalties, and has already paid the city over $4,000 in investigative expenses.

    Greenwald, a retired orthopedic surgeon, is a mayoral candidate and ‘decriminalize and tax marijuana’ advocate.

    A pastor at a nearby church complained about the building to city officials, saying in a court declaration that customers of the dispensaries would hang out near the church playground, sometimes urinating on church property.

    Also, a police officer witnessed what he believed to be transients panhandling for marijuana outside the building.

    The court ordered that the dispensaries cease business within 60 days.