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Man and His Dog Rescued from Stranded Boat



    Man and His Dog Rescued from Stranded Boat

    The Coast Guard sprang into action after being alerted to a disabled sailboat 120 miles west of Ensenada. The vessel was carrying a 77-year-old man and his dog.

    The Coast Guard was alerted to the distressed boat at 12:20 p.m., by a HAM radio operator in Stonewall, Texas who heard the sailor's mayday calls over the radio, officials said.

    The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter from San Diego and a C-130 Hercules plane from Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento to assist the man.

    When the rescue team arrived, the boat had lost propulsion. A rescue swimmer lowered to the boat discovered the vessel was not stocked with safety equipment, food or water, which led to the team's decision to evacuate the pair and transport them to San Diego.

    "It was a challenging hoist situation for the entire aircrew, due to the sea state and the fact that the mast, sail and lines were moving freely in the wind," said Lt. Tony Lumpkin, the helicopter aircraft commander during the rescue. "It feels good to be able to work together to safely execute a hoist in a dangerous situation and help save a life."