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Man Sentenced for Standoff at SDPD HQ



    Man Sentenced for Standoff at SDPD HQ
    NBC San Diego
    Mark Brown, 61, was transported to a hospital after a police standoff in front of San Diego Police Department headquarters March 25, 2011.

    A man who threatened police with a knife outside San Diego Police Department headquarters will spend the next year in jail.

    On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Mark Brown, 61, to one year in jail with credit for time served.

    City Attorney Karolyn Westfall said she was pleased with Tuesday's outcome.

    "He has been contacted more than 10 times at the SDPD," Westfall said. "He's been threatening for a long time. He thinks everyone is conspiring against him including police, which was inspiring all this activity."

    Neighbors said Brown used to walk around the headquarters and curse at police officers. Tuesday in court he screamed at the judge telling him he was in violation of the law, Westfall said.

    On March 25, Brown threatened police waved a knife in the air, while screaming obscene language at officers, keeping them  at bay for over two hours. The standoff forced the department to place the building under a lockdown.

    Close to 20 police officers surrounded Brown and repeatedly asked him to drop the weapon.

    Officers eventually fired a 40 mm rubber bullet from about a 30-foot range that struck Brown's chest. They then fired about three shotgun bean bags.

    When Brown did not drop the knife, a police dog charged Brown and latched onto his arm, forcing him to drop the knife to end the standoff.

    Police said Brown is on a "stay away" list, which makes being at or nearby the police headquarters a misdemeanor offense.