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Balboa Park Rapist Learns Fate



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    A judge sentenced a man for raping a woman jogging in Balboa Park two years ago.

    The man who admitted to raping a Balboa Park jogger on a bridle path in broad daylight will spend 24 years behind bars, a judge ordered on Tuesday. Jason Huggins, 29, pleaded guilty on March 2 to forcible rape and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, and three counts of assault with intent to commit forcible sex crimes.

    Tuesday in court, Huggins admitted to grabbing the woman, ripping off some of her clothes and attacking her. Prosecutors said Huggins was linked to the rape by DNA evidence.

    The sentence handed down Tuesday by Judge David Danielson was the maximum allowed under the plea agreement worked out with prosecutors. It was what his victim asked for.

    "It's hard for me to talk about this," the victim said while weeping in court, adding that the incident "had a huge impact" on her. "I hope that he gets the maximum sentence because I think that's what he deserves."

    Huggins attorney, Mary Knockeart, told the court her client was remorseful -- she said he apologized after the attack as he fled -- and pleaded for leniency.

    Huggins was serving time on unrelated charges in July when he was linked to the case.