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Man Survives Fireball Explosion From Gas Leak

Oceanside man survived the blast



    An Oceanside man said he was engulfed in a ball of fire when a gas leak caused an explosion in his apartment Tuesday afternoon.

    The explosion was enough to blow out windows and separate boards from the outside of 53-year old Keith Pinkard's apartment.

    Pinkard had just cleaned around his stove and was checking the pilots when he had the surprise of his life.

    "When I turned [the stove] on, it just blew up right in my face," Pinkard said. "You know a big ball of fire just pushed me all the way back."

    Man Survives Fireball Explosion

    [DGO] Man Survives Fireball Explosion From Gas Leak
    A man survived with only minor injuries after a gas leak caused a powerful explosion in his Oceanside apartment. Keith Pinkard returned to the residence and met with NBC 7's Lea Sutton.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012)

    The fireball scorched his beard and eyebrows and knocked him back several feet.

    "The window in the front room just totally blew out and all the mini blinds were halfway out the window and the cracked ceiling in the bedroom too," he said. "You know I had stuff in the kitchen fly out into the front room."

    The force of the fireball caused a closed door to open as well.

    As he was calling 911, firefighters arrived to the scene and treated his burns.

    "They told me they were shocked the roof didn't blow off. They said it should have blown off. They were saying I was lucky to be alive."

    The fireball scorched his feet and hands, but incredibly he has no major injuries. 

    Repairmen on Wednesday fixed the gas line and firefighters told him he could return to his house.

    "Its just not my time to go," Pinkard laughed. "God's not done with me that's all I can say."

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