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Man Attacks Group with Machete

Friends of victim in Normal Heights hold suspect down until police arrive



    A man leaving a bar in Normal Heights followed a group of friends home and approached them with a machete early Friday morning, police say.

    The suspect wielded the machete after the group of friends left the bar, entering an apartment complex on 4695 Bancroft St. at about 2 a.m. He swung the machete at the group and the victim grabbed the machete to stop him, according to San Diego police.

    The group of friends held the man down until police arrived and arrested the suspect for assault with a deadly weapon.

    The victim suffered cuts to his hand from the machete, but the wounds did not appear to be life-threatening.

    Police said the confrontation may have started at Triple Crown Bar just before the machete incident, when two men got into an argument and the suspect was forced to leave the bar. The other man left with his friends.

    SDPD Mid-City Division is investigating the incident.