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Man Accused of Abusing 93-Year Old Woman Out on Bail

William Sutton, 66, made bail Tuesday



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    The caretaker for a 92-year-old woman charged with the attempted murder of her best friend is out on bail. 

    William Sutton, 66, is accused of throwing 93-year old Margaret Wood through a screen door.

    The attack was caught on surveillance camera. 

    Sutton was released from jail Tuesday, pending the outcome of his trial.

    The victim's family and elderly friends in the Oceanside neighborhood where the women live, fear he may be coming back. 

    Wood and 92-year-old Marian Kubic are the best of friends. The once vibrant and fun loving women now cling to each other in hospice care. 

    “She doesn't recognize you. She doesn't wake up. She won't wake up,” Margaret's granddaughter-in-law, Lisa Wood said.

    Lisa recovered a video recorded April 16 on a security camera. 

    She says the footage shows Marian's caretaker, William Sutton, pushing Margaret through Marian's screen door. 

    She landed head-first, three steps below on the concrete front porch. Margaret cracked her skull and broke her nose.

    Marian, who witnessed the attack, was not physically injured but it is taking an emotional toll. 

    “She's been a vegetable pretty much in a wheelchair,” Marian's daughter Reggi Brown said.

    Sutton pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and willful cruelty to an elderly adult last month but it was just Tuesday that he made bail. 

    “To learn that he was out it's terrifying. I don't want him to know where granny is, where Marian is,” Lisa said. 

    Lisa says Sutton's bond restrictions prohibit him from contacting Margaret and Marian, or going within 100 yards of their homes.

    The restraining order feels like little protection though, from a man accused of crimes that had such devastating results. 

    “I pray to God nobody else goes through what we are going through right now,” Brown said. 

    We contacted Sutton by phone but he did not respond to our questions. 

    Over the phone his sister Sherry told NBC 7, she has nothing to say. 

    A message left with Sutton's attorney Wednesday night was not returned before the news broadcast