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Making Xmas Dreams Come True



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    The Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Center has stepped up to help thousands of local children in need this Christmas.

    Starting Friday, the Kroc center will turn their skate park into the "Toy and Joy Gift Shop", piling up thousands of donated toys for local children.

    Each year, the Kroc Corps Community Center provides assistance to families in need, providing them with toys and gifts for the holiday. Parents have the choice of "shopping" for their own children or becoming an “adopted family.”

    The Adopt-a-Family program allows San Diegans to choose a needy family and provide their entire Christmas wish list.

    “It’s been a hard time. My husband is a construction worker and there’s no work right now and we’re struggling to pay rent and bills," said a very thankful Elizabeth Mosteller. "So, this is really a blessing in disguise and it’s really going to make my family have a better Christmas."

    The Toy and Joy Gift Shop takes place Saturday, December 18, and Monday, December 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m at the Kroc Center Skate Park. Hundreds of parents who signed up for Christmas assistance will walk through the 15,000 square foot skatepark-turned-toy-shop to choose from a wide array of unwrapped toys to bring home to their children.

    “For them to know that on Christmas day, they’ll wake up and they’ll be their kid's hero because they provided a gift for them, and [their kids] are able to wake up on Christmas morning like every other kid and get a Christmas gift,"said Lisa Van Cleef, core officer of the Kroc Corps Community Center. "That means a lot and it really touches the hearts of our volunteers to be able to help out with that."