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Major Pot Ring Broken Up: Feds



    Major Pot Ring Broken Up: Feds
    Narcotics officers confiscated $1.2 million worth of marijuana plants and packaged pot from a University City home Wednesday night.

    Wiretaps, security tape and intercepted text messages -- that's how the U.S. Attorney's office in San Diego said it busted up an illegal marijuana distribution ring and money laundering operation.

    Details about the case were revealed Friday in a 22-page court document released on Friday. Prosecutors said investigators  monitored the movements and conversations of a dozen suspects, most of them operating locally.
    The filing suggests that the suspects conspired to grow and import thousands of pounds of marijuana and then sell it legally and illegally at two San Diego locations.

    At one point, federal agents were listening to phone conversations and identifying the  suspects through video surveillance from a high end hotel. The group then allegedly laundered enormous amounts of cash through the mortgages of a Rancho Santa Fe mansion.