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Lucky Labrador Retriever is Rescued from a Deep Hole



    A thrilled family in Newport Beach has been reunited with its missing labrador retriever, Buddy. And, Buddy was rescued thanks to his best friend, the family's other dog, Annie, according to a spokesperson for the city.

    Buddy, 12, had been missing for three and a half days. Annie was sniffing around and located Buddy down a deep hole.

    And then, Annie apparently "pulled a Lassie." Like the heroic dog of TV fame, she barked and barked until she got somebody's attention. That resulted in firefighters being called to the scene, and they got Buddy out.

    His thrilled family, the Gerdau family, immediately gave him water, which he obviously needed badly.     

    As for that hole, it was four feet wide and 18 feet deep. And, apparently, nobody even realized that it was there. It was concealed by shrubbery.

    There are now plans to fill it up, as soon as possible.