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Jurors to Deliberate in Love Triangle Murder Trial

Jurors must decide whether the brutal stabbing of Fred Trayers was a planned attack by an enraged wife



    Jurors to Deliberate in Love Triangle Murder Trial
    Jennifer Trayers stands at the first day in her trial on murder charges.

    Jurors must decide if the wife of a San Diego-based Navy doctor planned to kill her husband or if his death was the result of a struggle with a knife.

    Jennifer Trayers has admitted she stabbed her husband Fred Trayers in the back of the head. However, experts said Fred Trayers was stabbed 11 times.

    It happened in the couple's North Park condominium in early December 2010, where Trayers says she was obsessed over Fred's plans to leave her for his mistress, another Navy doctor.

    Defense attorneys have argued their client is guilty only of involuntary manslaughter saying Fred Trayer’s death happened while their client was attempting to commit suicide.

    Closing Arguments Trayers Trial: Raw Video

    [DGO] Closing Arguments Trayers Trial: Raw Video
    Prosecutor Fiona Khalil explains how evidence presented at trial does not support the version told by defendant Jennifer Trayers.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012)

    When she testified earlier this week, Jennifer Trayers said she "blacked out" after the first stab, and was out of it for many hours later.

    In closing arguments Wednesday, prosecutors urged jurors to find Jennifer Trayers guilty of murder because they say she waited for her husband and planned to attack and kill him.

    Jurors were shown gruesome images of Fred Trayers’s body, face down, his shirt soaked in blood, in the position he was found by police. The images, prosecutors argued, showed Fred Trayers still covered by bed sheets proving he was attacked while he slept and was not struggling over a knife.

    “She has lied to you. There is no doubt about it,” prosecutor Fiona Khalil told jurors.

    Defense attorneys will present their closing arguments before jurors will deliberate.

    Trayers faced 26 years to life in prison if found guilty.