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Love Knows No Age Limit



    San Diegans Ernie and Dorothy Wright prove that romance knows no age limit.

    The newlyweds met at St. Paul's Senior Homes and Services in Banker's Hill when Ernie moved in across the hall from Dorothy.

    The flirting started when they called each other "Dorothy across the hall" and "Ernie across the hall."

    Then, they discovered a common interest - reading.

    Couple Prove Love Knows No Age Limit

    [DGO] Couple Prove Love Knows No Age Limit
    San Diego newlyweds Ernie and Dorothy Wright show us there is no stopping love.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 11, 2011)

    Then, Ernie who is blind, stunned Dorothy with a compliment.

    "You know, all woman have mirrors and I know what I look like and one day we were walking down the hall and we stopped I don't know, to look at something and he said, ‘You know you're beautiful,’” said Dorothy. “And I thought, ‘Wow that's the first time that happened in my life.’”

    “I said, ‘Well if you could see you wouldn't say that,’” she said.

    No, Ernie told her, “I don't mean that kind of beauty."

    Soon after, Ernie popped the question.

    Now the two help each other. Dorothy assists Ernie every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when he teaches aerobics.

    The two were both married before, and never expected to fall in love again this late in life. But, they say, some things are just meant to be.