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Lost, Found, Returned: $16,000 Engagement Ring

A Banning woman does the right thing with a lost $16,000 ring



    Lost, Found, Returned: $16,000 Engagement Ring
    AP/Carolyn Kaster
    Woman charged with stealing from a school lunch program to pay her casino debts.

    If honesty paid, Lisa Gonzales would be worth much more than the $16,000 engagement ring she discovered as she left a New Year's Eve party at Casino Morongo.

    Gonzales said she didn't think the ring was real because "it was so gaudy-looking."

    The Banning woman told the Record Gazette that she found the engagement ring outside a set of glass doors as she was leaving the casino. She called the casino the next morning to find out whether a ring had been reported missing.

    She was told someone had called to report a missing $16,000 engagement ring. Gonzales returned to the casino with the ring and gave it to security.

    "If I had a ring that cost that much I would have put it on my ring finger and hammered it on until it fit," Gonzales told the Record Gazette.