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New School -- New Name



    New School -- New Name
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    LONDON - MAY 21 : A classroom at Edenham High School lies empty after lunchtime May 21, 2003 in Croydon, England. The school had to send home about 700 of it's pupils early because of funding problems, which meant the school could not afford to employ temporary teaching staff while teachers were off sick. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

    The Carlsbad Unified School District is looking for a few good names. The district needs to give its newest campus a name. More than 200 people submitted names, according to the North County Times. Now those names have been whittled down to 10.

    The final 10 recommendations:

    ---- Calavera Canyon High School, because the campus is in a canyon near Calavera Lake;

    ---- Canyon Del Oro High School. The name means "Canyon of Gold," referencing the area and the quality of education the      school will provide;

    ---- Foothills High School, because the campus sits in the foothills;

    ---- Hillside High School or Hillside Academy, because the campus is built against a natural hillside;

    ---- Lake Calavera High School or Calavera Lake High School, because of the school's proximity to the lake;

    ---- Laguna Vista High School, because of the school's proximity to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon;

    ---- Ridgeview High School, because of the view surrounding the site;

    ---- Sage Creek High School, because of the habitat in the area that is home to the endangered Bell's Vireo;

    ---- Shadow Mountain High School, because when the sun rises the school will be in the shadow of Calavera Mountain;

    ---- Sunset Hill High School, to describe the sun setting over the nearby ocean.

    The board suggested citizens follow certain guidelines when suggesting a name including:

    1. Historical figures such as presidents
    2. Pioneers from the general District area
    3. Recently deceased local personalities who have made significant
       contributions to the District
    4. Living individuals who have made significant contributions to the District
    5. Living or deceased school personnel
    6. Geographical locations within the District
    7. Cities or communities within the District

    The district's board of trustees will have the final decision to name the school. The name is expected to select the name at their next regular meeting 6 p.m. Wednesday at Carlsbad City Hall.