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Local TV Anchor Suspended Over Sexist Slur

Fox 5 sports anchor suspended without pay for a week



    Local TV Anchor Suspended Over Sexist Slur

    A sports anchor at a San Diego news television station who made a sexist comment about a female NASCAR driver was suspended without pay for a week.

    Fox 5 San Diego sports anchor Ross Shimabukuapologized on air Tuesday for the comments he made about Danica Patrick on Monday.

    On Twitter, Fox 5 announced that Shimabuku has been suspended for a week without pay.

    Shimabuku remarked that Patrick was "sexy but she knows it," after the race car driver complained that she wished there was another way people described female athletes such as herself other than "sexy."

    "Oh, I've got a few words: starts with a 'B', and it's not 'beautiful," Shimabuku said on air.

    Shimabuku said he received many emails about his comment and was sorry he said it. The video of his rant went viral on YouTube with over 150,000 hits. Outcry erupted on the station's Twitter page as well.

    Earlier this month, Former sports radio host Scott Kaplan, lost his job as a result of derogatory comments he made about the appearance of a female basketball broadcaster.

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