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Local Campaign Loses $250K

Rep. Susan Davis had thousands stolen from her campaign



    Local Campaign Loses $250K
    The Susan Davis campaign reportedly lost roughly $250,000 worth of funding.

    Rep. Susan Davis reached out to her supporters Monday afternoon with an unusual report: The campaign had been robbed.

    More than $250,000 was reportedly stolen from the Davis campaign by former treasurer Kinde Durkee, who had authority over more than 400 bank accounts, including political campaigns.

    Davis wrote, “She may well become known as the Bernie Madoff of campaign finance treasurers.”

    The Democratic campaign accountant was arrested earlier this month for investigation of mail fraud. Durkee faces fraud charges for allegedly siphoning off nearly $700,000 of state Assemblyman Jose Solorio's 2010 campaign to pay for an array of debts. She may have stolen money from various other campaigns she managed, including the Davis campaign.

    Blackout's Cost Estimated at $100 Million

    [DGO] Blackout's Cost Estimated at $100 Million
    A new study is reporting the total loss from Thursday's blackout which sent a financial ripple effect through the San Diego area.
    (Published Monday, Sept. 12, 2011)

    Lauren Horwood, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in Sacramento, said Durkee was going to be freed on Sept. 10 on $200,000 bond and ordered to appear in court Oct. 19. It was unclear if Durkee was released.

    The Davis team had a backup account that Durkee did not have access to, which allows them to continue financing the campaign. But Davis wrote her supporters and asked for help since they have been depleted roughly $250,000 in funding.

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