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Live Ammo Found During Home Remodel



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    Most new homeowners move in with a little demolition in mind, but one City Heights couple found more than they bargained for when they found live ammo in the rundown shed in the backyard.

    When Khoi Bui and his wife moved into their home in the 3600 block of Central Avenue a few days ago.

    While removing the termite-infested shed on Wednesday, a piece of wood flew off and behind it, Bui found a grenade similar to the one pictured above.

    “It was green, rusted,” said Bui. “I guess it was old with a pin on it.”

    He wanted to touch it but his wife told him to call 911.

    San Diego police officers called in the San Diego Fire Rescue Department's explosive-materials team then shut down part of the street and evacuated seven homes in the area.

    An investigator determined the object was likely a grenade used in the Vietnam War. The bomb squad treated it as if it were live and safely defused it.

    “I was hoping they blew up the shed not the house,” Bui said laughing. “Save me the trouble of breaking it down.”
    The home had been vacant for over a year.