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Levee Breached in South Bay



    Levee Breached in South Bay
    NBC San Diego

    Rescue workers and horse ranches in Tijuana River Valley had their hands full Wednesday when a levee was breached, sending more water into the already flooded streets and saturated ground.

    A section of Hollister Street was flooded and closed to motorists since early Wednesday morning. It was an alarming situation for ranch owners nearby who said they moved their horses to higher ground in anticipation of more rain and weren’t taking any chances.  

    “If this keeps coming down and it fills up again, it's just going to come down and the ground is so saturated it just can't handle that much,” said Richard Tynan from Kinzey Ranch.

    The San Diego Lifeguard Swift Water rescue team was called to rescue a person spotted in the river, stranded on a bank between two sections of moving water.

    The team helped the young girl from Mexico into the boat and took her to safety. She was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes.

    “Danger of hypothermia, there’s medical consideration also with moving water if you're not a good swimmer, not a good position to be in,” said Sgt. Bob Albers.