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Lego Movie Scores Big at Local Theme Park

Legoland sets up display for popular movie



    "The Lego Movie" has been a huge hit at the box office and its popularity is trickling down to the LEGOLand theme park in North San Diego. NBC 7's Consumer Bob reports on how the film has given the park a boost. (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    Legos are taking over the world.

    For the third straight week, The Lego Movie is the number one movie in the world. That's great news for Warner Bros. -- the studio that made the movie -- but also for the theme park that shares its name.

    "Yesterday we doubled our expectation," said Legoland General Manager Peter Ronchetti. 

    That's when Legoland California first displayed a 3-million brick set used in the actual film.  The lego city was created on the East Coast, filmed in Burbank and reassembled in Carlsbad.

    "The buzz around the movie has really combined to just bring more energy to Legoland," said Ronchetti.

    Gail and Sherry Miller brought their two young children to the Legoland after they watched the movie.

    "It reminded me of the whole movie," said Malia Miller.

    Tonia Levans says her family already had plans to visit Legoland but made sure they saw the movie before driving down from Los Angeles County.

    Master Model Builder Robbie McCarthy says you can tell when park visitors have seen the movie when they see the lego display.

    "The adults who haven't seen the film give it kind of a quizzical look.  But you can tell when the kids go straight to the city of Bricksberg," said McCarthy.

    The Movie Experience will be on display all year.  Warner Bros. has announced a second Lego movie is now in the works.