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Learning Your ABC's in H-E-A-T

Local schools try to keep students cool despite an absence of air conditioning.



    Learning Your ABC's in H-E-A-T
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    A bill in the Connecticut legislature would shrink drug free zones from 1,500 feet to just 200 feet.

    With triple-digit temperatures across San Diego County, thousands of kids in nearly every school district sat through classes on Monday without air conditioning. 

    More than 60 schools in the San Diego Unified District don't have air conditioning but are due to get it with Prop S money. The problem is, some don't get it for more than a decade. Teachers and parents told us it was very hot in some classes. 

    San Diego Unified does have a hot-weather plan to help students and teachers get through the day. It calls for changing student schedules so basic skills are taught early in the day; moving kids out of hot classrooms to air-conditioned rooms -- such as media centers and auditoriums -- and cutting athletic practices or rescheduling them for cooler times of day. 

    The district also tries to remind students to dress in lightweight clothing and wear sunscreen..