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Landlords Ordered to Get Crime Training



    Landlords Ordered to Get Crime Training

    San Diego County wants landlords to take crime-reduction training if police are called to their apartments too many times.

    The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a law requiring owners to take the program if their apartments generate 10 or more police calls in a 90-day period.

    Those who don't would be prohibited from renting their units and could face fines of $2,500 or more.

    Prior to voting for the ordinance, Supervisor Bill Horn voiced some concerns, saying that the law could have a chilling effect on property owner's who report criminal activity.

    "I am really concerned with this ordinance," Horn said. "I think landlords would like to know what the name of the game is and know how it works, because I don't want to see landlords not report crimes because they are afraid of this penalty."

    Horn later said he planned on holding community meetings with landlords in his district to make them aware of the ordinance and to allow them to voice their opinions.

    The program would teach property owners techniques such as proper lighting, starting a Neighborhood Watch and how to identify gang activity.

    The measure—which only applies to landlords in unincorporated county areas—needs a second vote next month before it takes effect.