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LAX to San Diego - Might as Well Fly to Europe



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    It is cheaper to fly from LAX to London then from LAX to San Diego -- oh yeah, and there are fewer layovers on the London flight too.

    California's two largest cities are just 120 miles apart, but the 40-minute airline flight from Los Angeles to San Diego costs more than a flight to Europe, it was reported Saturday.

    A one-way ticket from LAX to San Diego's Lindbergh Field costs a minimum of $577, according to a survey undertaken by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Compare that to a flight to London, which can be had for as little as $316. It is also cheaper to fly to Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

    A spokesperson for one airline told the Union-Tribune most of the passengers flying on the route are connecting at LAX to another city, and do not pay the full fare.

    As for cheaper ways to get between the two cities, the Amtrak Surfliner charges $31 for service between the two Union Stations.

    If you are hell bent on making the trek, then the cheapest flight option is a $107 ticket -- changing planes in friendly Phoenix.