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Kowba Says San Diego Unified is Ready



    Kowba Says San Diego Unified is Ready
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    San Diego Unified School District says they are prepared!

    Today marks the first day of school for San Diego Unified School District. Superintendent Bill Kowba says the district will spend the next two days getting situated.

    "It will be getting kids to school on time. Making sure the buses run, the teachers are assigned, kids know where to go on classes and we'll go from there," Kowba said.

    Many parents and teachers are concerned that there will be overcrowding, or that their child's classroom won't be assigned a teacher, but Superintendent Bill Kowba says that won't be an issue.

    "We'll definitely have enough teachers," Kowba said. "The first two to four weeks of school we're always a little uncertain about enrollment about transportation decisions, if the parents and the students or kids will show up. But our Human resources staff has worked long and hard over the last few weeks and we have response teams ready to move teachers and our other staff to support kids at the schools. We'll be ready."

    Kowba Says The District is Ready

    [DGO] Kowba Says The District is Ready
    The district says they are prepared!
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011)

    As for mid-year budget cuts, Kowba says he doesn't expect the state to chop the budget again but if they do he will be ready.

    "The budget was adopted with a measure to cut into various state programs, if certain revenue projections are not met," Kowba said. "I think the last consideration will be k - 12 education. We are going to remain confident or positive they will not touch education, but we'll take a look at options as well, as the months go ahead."