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Kissing Statue to Stay in Bay: Port

Commissioners extend loan through May



    Kissing Statue to Stay in Bay: Port
    Patrick Shipley
    Taken July 19, 2009 looking at the USS Midway Museum.

    The famous statue on the waterfront called "Unconditional surrender" statue near the midway is going to stick around for a little longer.

    On Friday, the Port of San Diego says it has extended the loan agreement through mid-May.

    The statue was borrowed from the Santa Monica-based Sculpture Foundation in 2007 for a one year period.

    But the loan has been extended repeatedly.

    Kissing Statue to Stay in Bay

    [DGO] Kissing Statue to Stay in Bay
    The Port decided to extend a loan on a famous statue in Tuna Harbor. Chris Chan interviewed Anna and Neal Clark about the statue's impact on the community
    (Published Sunday, April 15, 2012)

    People visiting the statue were pleased with the news. Some were local residents seeing it for the first time.

    Anna and Neal Clark stopped by because they thought it was leaving.

    "It think it's a good thing," Anna said. "I hope it stays permanent. You're looking around you see people coming its drawing a crowd. I think it reminds people of history and patriotism."

    Some of the statue's supporters attended the Valentines Day meeting of the Port's commissioners to urge an extension of the loan.