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Keeping The Cons Out Of Comic-Con

Looking out for scam artists and popular convention



    Gina Jasinski is lining up outside the San Diego Convention Center waiting for Comic-Con to open up. 

    She bought her ticket nearly a year ago. So what does she think of the Comic-Con badges that are on sale right now on eBay and Craiglist?

    "That doesn't jive with me," said Jasinski who signed up for tickets last November. 

    She believes scam artists are behind many of those sales and can't imagine that those passes are legitimate. But her friend Jenn Budd isn't surprised there is a high demand for badges.

    "It's like people have to fight like cats and dogs just to get a ticket," said Budd. 

    That's why it is very tempting to buy an online pass, according to Sheryl Bilbrey with the San Diego Better Business Bureau.

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    "They have lotteries to get these tickets which means they are in extremely high demand," said Sheryl Bilbrey, "So that's when you get the con artists pop up because people are willing to spend money to get their hands on a ticket." 

    Right now there are dozens of Comic-Con badges for sale on eBay and Craigslist. But many of those tickets are fake, said Bilbrey who says Comic-Con is a gathering place for scammers. 

    "It's like the ticket scams on steroids," said Bilbrey.

    The warning for Comic-Con fans is to buy your badges through official channels or take your chances. Visitors might get away with using another person's pass but this year Comic-Con officials plan to check badges at the door with identification. If the badge doesn't agree with the identification it may be confiscated. 

    But Jenn Budd says some fans will be tempted.

    "I mean because it is such a competitive thing to get, I'm sure  there is going to be some people who are going to risk it," said Budd, "It is worth the risk for them."

    But Gina Jasinski says she can't believe anyone has a collection of real badges to sell. 

    "Do you think they really have passes when we waited in line for six hours last year to get ours?" said Jasinski.


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