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Girlfriend Turned in "Ho-Hum Bandit" Suspect: Sources

Alleged thief ID'd as Adam Lynch



    An alleged bank robber known for his nonchalant demeanor was arrested Monday in Denver, and according to multiple sources, a sour relationship with a female companion led to his capture.

    The FBI has identified Adam Lynch, 34, of Marin County, as the "Ho-Hum Bandit." He is suspected of robbing at least 16 banks, including several in San Diego County.

    According to law enforcement sources, police received a tip about the Ho-Hum Bandit's identity from his girlfriend.

    Sources say the girlfriend turned him in because she was angry at him for cheating on her.

    The Ho-Hum Bandit's string of burglaries began on Feb. 27, 2010, when he robbed a San Diego National Bank in Point Loma, the FBI said. In July, he robbed a bank in Laguna Beach, and Southern California banks pooled together $15,000 for his capture.

    "I didn't fear him when he walked in," said Meredith, a local bank teller who spoke to NBCSanDiego months ago. "I didn't think he was a robber. He looked like a normal person."

    Along with San Diego, the Ho-Hum Bandit has also been connected with bank robberies in Los Angeles, Cheyenne, Wyo., Seattle and the Denver metro area, the FBI said.

    Recently, he may have robbed a Chase Bank on March 16 in Edgewater, Colo., the FBI said.

    The FBI is expected to release more information about the case Wednesday.