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$200K in Jewelry Stolen from San Diego Hotel

Gold, platinum and diamonds were inside a case reported missing



    A family visiting San Diego for a wedding lost $200,000 in jewelry in a hotel theft.

    “This is very important jewelry to us. Very sentimental,” said Hangameh Mousavi.

    Hangameh Mousavi says her family was visiting San Diego for an Iranian wedding over the Memorial Day weekend and stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island.

    It’s traditional to give jewelry to the bride and so family members brought a lot of jewelry not only to wear, but also to give as gifts.

    $200K in Jewelry Stolen

    [DGO] $200K in Jewelry Stolen
    Hangameh Mousavi talks with NBC 7s Nicole Gonzales about the case containing heirloom jewlery that was stolen from a San Diego hotel.
    (Published Thursday, June 7, 2012)

    The family believes someone took a large CD zipper case containing $200,000 worth of gold, platinum, diamonds and once they realized what was it in, they kept it for good.

    “We have religious jewelry, stuff with Arabic writing, prayers,” she explained.

    “Things from the revolution that they don't make any more. Things that have been passed down from grandparents.”

    A family member set the case containing the jewelry down just before getting on the elevator. By the time she realized it, the folder was gone.

    “It was very chaotic. There were many people there,” Mousavi said. “It was very busy.”

    There was a conference at the hotel that weekend.

    The family immediately reported the missing jewelry to hotel staff who they say weren't helpful, according to Mousavi.

    “They had told us they have more important things to worry about,” she said.

    Harbor Police are investigating the matter.

    A spokesperson for The Sheraton told NBCSanDiego, “We feel very sympathetic towards the family. We did everything we could do to find the jewelry, including searching hours of security tape. We hope whomever has the property will have integrity and return the items."

    Mousavi hopes that the person holding on to the valuables contacts Harbor Police.

    “We just ask, whoever has the jewelry, please return it. No questions asked,” she said. “We want what's in there. It's very important to our family.”

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