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Jerry Brown Returns Questionable Donations

In about-face, attorney general returns $52,500 from donors implicated in pension-fund probe



    Jerry Brown Returns Questionable Donations
    Albert Domasin
    "Look, I gave back the money, so quit yer yappin', Poizner."

    California Attorney General Jerry Brown returned $52,500 in campaign contributions last week after questions about where they came from surfaced in the press.

    Lobbyist Darius Anderson's family and a firm run by L.A.-area political fundraiser Daniel Weinstein had donated money to Brown, who's a likely candidate for governor.

    Problem is, Anderson and Weinstein are under investigation by Brown's office for their possible role in helping funnel money from public pension funds into private money management accounts.

    Last month, a spokesperson for Brown had said the attorney general wasn't going to return the donations, which were made months before the investigation began.

    State insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, had called on Brown to return the money, firing an early salvo in a possible gubernatorial matchup.

    Photo by Albert Domasin.

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