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"Jaws of Life" Help Save Trapped Oceanside Dog



    "Jaws of Life" Help Save Trapped Oceanside Dog
    Oceanside Fire Department

    Firefighters were able to save a local dog stuck in a sticky situation Sunday after he wiggled in between storage containers in Oceanside. 

    A 12-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback wedged himself between two storage containers on an elementary school playground around noon Sunday.

    A caller reporter their dog, Spike, had run between the containers while playing with kids and got stuck when he tried to get out by walking further between them. Six feet into the gap, the dog got stuck in the space.

    The containers, filled with supplies for South Oceanside Elementary School on South Horne Street, were located with less than a foot of space between them.

    Oceanside and Carlsbad firefighters helped the owners with freeing the dog after the owners could not get him out with the staff at the Oceanside Unified School District.

    “Jaws of Life” from a ladder truck helped save the pup, firefighters said, and moved the containers six inches.

    The firefighters turned off their equipment and moved it away to let Spike walk out on his own.

    A few moments later, Spike’s tail was slapping the edges of the container as he walked out on his own.