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Is This Desk Set Worth $1M?

It's believed the desk belonged to Adolf Hitler



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    Would you be willing to pay $1 million for a desk? 

    The brass desk set doesn't look like it would be worth much. But the initials in the center are what give it value. They're  "A" "H", as in Adolf Hitler.

    The desk is reportedly the one Hitler used to sign the 1938 Munich Agreement, which was a failed attempt to stop Nazi aggression.

    "That sat in Hitler's office up until 1945," said military antique dealer, Craig Gottlieb. "And that has seen a lot of very important historical events take place before it. For someone that has some experience dealing with antiques this is a one look at it and you know its real."

    Gottlieb, who's from Solana Beach, is selling the desk set on consignment from a retired Houston lawyer.

    The lawyer acquired the desk as a souvenir at the end of World War II.

    But how else does Gottlieb know this desk set is the real deal? 

    He says it is visible in photographs and newsreel footage of Hitler signing the Munich agreement. He thinks the desk will sell for at least $1 million.