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Injured Toddler's Family Suffers Again



    A phone captured flames in the North County but it's not the burning car that got our attention. It's who was driving it.

    The glow on the video is a 2003 Honda Civic owned by 21-year-old Jacob Wallis.

    "I just barely got it in January," said Wallis.

    Wallis said the engine was shaking, so he pulled off the freeway where moments later. He watched it slowly get destroyed.

    Hospitalized Toddler's Father Has Car Wrecked

    [DGO] Hospitalized Toddler's Father Has Car Wrecked
    In October, a drunk driver jumped a curb and struck Jacob Wallis's 2-year-old son Izaiaha, who is paralyzed and blind
    (Published Sunday, March 27, 2011)

    Dennese Flowers, who stopped to help, used her cell phone to record the video.

    While she was talking with Jacob she thought he looked familiar and then his story confirmed it.

    "He was just going to see his son who is sick in the hospital," said Flowers.

    Parents of Toddler Struck by Car Hold Out Hope

    [DGO] Parents of Toddler Struck by Car Hold Out Hope
    At a fundraiser Tuesday night, the parents of 19-month-old Izaiah Wallis discuss what they believe is progress in their son's condition. The child was struck by an SUV on Oct 18th while being pushed in a stroller on a morning walk.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010)

    Wallis has a 2 year old son named Izaiah.

    n October Izaiah was in a stroller, headed to the park with his grandpa when a drunk driver jumped the curb hitting them both.

    Paralyzed and blind the toddler's recovery at Rady Children's Hospital is still fragile at best

    Toddler Run Down by Car Fights to Live

    [DGO] Toddler Run Down by Car Fights to Live
    On October 18, police said a teenage boy, plowed his SUV into Izaiah Wallis and his grandfather in the 4100 block of Lake Boulevard in Oceanside. Izaiah was thrown from his stroller and lies in ICU suffering from critical injuries.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010)

    Now on top of it all, Wallis has to worry about just getting to the hospital to see his son.

    Yet somehow, through even this, he stays calm and positive.

    "As long as I'm still here and I can still provide for him, that's the main thing,” Wallis said. “I just try to stay strong, i know it's one problem after another."

    "I know I would've reacted outwardly much different than he did,” said Flowers. “He just stood there and shook."

    "My son is still here,” said Wallis. “I still got my family."

    And he says he'll still be here with them as much as possible even if walking is the only option.

    Wallis and his fiancee are down to one car as they work with their insurance carrier on the loss. He still doesn't know why his car broke down and caught fire.