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Injured Sea Lion Evades Rescue



    An injured sea lion isn’t going away quietly.

    The animal, spotted near the Midway Museum along San Diego’s Embarcadero, is believed to have a spear in its back.

    From an onlookers vantage point on shore, it looks like the spear is sticking out about a foot and a half from body.

    Harbor police officers along with San Diego police and workers from SeaWorld San Diego have been working to try and capture the animal safely.

    Injured Sea Lion Evades Rescue

    [DGO] Injured Sea Lion Evades Rescue
    Watch as volunteers struggle to capture a sea lion injured with a fish-hunting spear sticking out of its back.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 24, 2010)

    The rescuers approached the sea lion with nets on a boat dock near Seaport Village Thursday afternoon. At one point, workers actually had it in the net, but the 500lb animal was able to overpower the three workers and swim out of the trap.

    When it was netted, it was squirming, barking and trying to bite those holding the net.

    The animal is too large to transport back to SeaWorld so staff members are hoping to perform a "catch and release" rescue. Their plan is to somehow net the sea lion, take out the spear and give it some medications to prevent infection.

    According to SeaWorld officials, the pole is called a gaff - used for hunting fish.  If the animal was speared on purpose, that would be a federal offense, affording to SeaWorld officials.

    Check back for updates on this developing story.