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Hot Coffee Helps Woman Escape Robber

Your best defense may be that overpriced latte



    Hot Coffee Helps Woman Escape Robber

    Just before 6 a.m., at the corner of Bachman and Arbor, a woman had parked her car and was just getting out when a man ran at her with a knife.

    Thinking quickly, the woman used what she had to avoid the attack. She threw her coffee in the man's face as he knocked her to the ground.

    San Diego police say the victim jumped into a witness' vehicle as it was driving by.

    The suspect tried to chase the car for about 200 yards, police said, but the victim and the witness managed to get away.

    The victim was sent to a nearby hospital where she is being treated for a concussion according to police.

    Officers arrested a man in connection with another attack Tuesday morning they say may be the suspect in the Hillcrest attempted robbery.

    A man approached a female USD student jogging on Friars Road near the YMCA. The woman ran to a nearby San Diego police station and reported the man to officers there. They searched for the suspect and arrested him.

    The motivation for the Bachman and Arbor attack may have been the woman's car, officers said.