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Hiker Hit By Falling Boulder



    Hiker Hit By Falling Boulder

    A Lakeside hiker was rescued over the weekend after being injured by falling boulder
    The man was hurt Sunday in the hills of Lakeside after a boulder rolled over his leg. Emergency crews received the call shortly before noon. 

      "He went to go back up the hill and a rock gave way, and then he started going down with it," said Austin Digenan, who has guiding the injured hiker and his companion through the hills. "And then another rock came down and went over the top of his leg."
    Digenan said the injured hiker, Billy Ortiz, is an adventurer and videographer who posts recordings of his travels on the Internet. Ortiz asked Digenan to guide him on the hike since his family owned the property. The 17-year old guide said Ortiz almost died.
    "It went right over the top of his leg and almost hit his head," Digenan said. "That's how big it was."

    The teen said the boulder was nearly 4-feet wide and may have been dislodged due to all the recent rain.
    After the accident, the group immediately called for help. 

    "We were lucky we had a cell phone," Digenan said. "If it wasn't for that, we would've never gotten out of there." 
    When rescuers brought Ortiz back to the landing area, he was alert and even taking video of the media and rescue helicopters. He was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. 
    Digenan, his two dogs and Ortiz's companion were also brought back to the landing area via helicopter.