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Hedge Safe for Society: Judge



    Hedge Safe for Society: Judge

    A judge ruled Monday that Matthew Hedge can be treated safely in the community and ordered the sexually violent predator back to his trailer outside Donovan State Prison.

    Hedge lives in the trailer in Otay Mesa because no community in San Diego wanted the convicted child molester released to their backyard.

    Hedge, who molested four children in the late '80s and was committed to the sexually violent predator treatment program in 1997, was arrested by officers from the San Diego Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task on Thursday, Nov. 5

    The director of Hedge's outpatient program reported that Hedge had violated the terms of his release by lying during a polygraph exam.

    Among the doctor's allegations are that Hedge lied about using his cell phone to take pictures of women and then using those images to masturbate, lied about owning and using a vibrator and lied about revealing those transgressions in treatment.

    Prosecutors asked Judge Wellington to revoke Hedge's release and put him back in the Coalinga State Hospital but the judge ruled Hedge had made a lot of progress in his treatment and ordered that he be returned to the trailer within five days.

    Hedge had his supervised release revoked in 2006, within six weeks of it being granted. His latest release came on April 13, 2009.