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He Finished What He Started: Witness



    He Finished What He Started: Witness
    A woman was attacked and killed in a Golden Hill apartment complex. Her boyfriend was arrested in connection with her death.

    A man, just released from bail on domestic violence charges, returned to his home and attacked and killed his girlfriend, according to neighbors.

    Just after 11 p.m. Thursday, a woman called from an apartment on A Street in Golden Hill, telling police that her cousin was being attacked.

    When officers entered the home, they found a woman lying unconscious in a bedroom. The woman  was transported to a hospital where she died about 1 a.m., according to homicide investigators.

    The victim had two children in the apartment at the time of the attack. The children are 17 months and 4 months old.

    He Finished What He Started: Witness

    [DGO] He Finished What He Started: Witness
    A man, just released from bail, returned to his home and killed his girlfriend.
    (Published Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009)

    Her boyfriend, who had just been bailed out of jail the day of the attack, was arrested by police.

    "Within 12 hours, 16 hours, he was able to finish what he started," said an unidentified neighbor.

    The victim had obtained papers to request a restraining order against the man but had not turned them in before she was murdered, the victim's sister told a television news reporter.

    The victim's children were taken to the county's Polinsky Center where family members were expected to pick them up later in the day Friday.

    The neighbor who talked with news reporters said, "I don't think this guy was out just to get anyone. He was out to get his girlfriend. This was not random."

    "I just hope that especially during the time of the holidays -- when you have a chance to be with the family -- if you notice something is wrong, someone is not behaving like they used to in the past-do everything in your power to help them even though they might resist it," said the woman.