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Gov. Signs New Clemency Law

The new clemency law was signed Governor Brown.



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    The new clemency law came about after Governor Schwarznegger reduce the sentence of Esteban Nunez for the death of Luis Santos (pictured).

    Governor Brown has approved a new law that requires 'victim notifications' when a prisoner is being considered for clemency.

    The new bill will require the Governor to give a 10-day notice to the District Attorney's office, before acting on an application for clemency.

    During a press conference at the San Diego District Attorney's office, the two assemblymen who authored the bill, Nathan Fletcher and Marty Block, stood with supporters to celebrate.

    District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says the law will change the justice system for the better.

    "No longer will victims have the rugs pulled out from underneath them with a secret communication to help a friend," Dumanis said during the press conference.

    In January, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was criticized for shortening the prison sentence of Esteban Nunez, from 16 to 7 years, and not notifying the victim's family beforehand.

    Nunez stabbed Luis Santos to death near SDSU after Esteban Nunez and his friends started a fight with him at a party near San Diego State University.

    Nunez's father is a former state legislator and good friend of Schwarenegger's

    Luis' parents Fred and Kathy Santos were in attendance at Tuesday's press conference. The Santos' are pursuing a civil lawsuit that could keep Nunez in jail.